Alexander Serechenko
2019 - 2021 Far Eastern Federal University, Master in Digital Arts
2000 - 2008 National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Faculty of Information Security, graduate student, graduate school
1990 - 2000 Secondary school No. 609, computer class
1991 - 1998 Children's Music School No. 71, piano class

Ekaterina Pryanichnikova
2019 - 2021 Master in Digital Art, Far Eastern Federal University
2016 - 2019 Rodchenko art School, Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia
2015 - 2016 Academy of Documentary Photography «Photograph», St. Petersburg
2009 - 2010 School of Cinematography, Moscow
2006 - 2011 Russian State Social University, Moscow


Awards and residencies

2023 Pause/play: Culture under pressure, Yerevan, Armenia 
2023 SoMe Award for Environment. SoMe Festival, alternative video festival experience, Bucharest 
2021 EOFA Art and Science residency, Geneva
2021 Nova Art, long list
2021 Digital Earth, Winzavod + Re:Store, finalist
2020 Audi Born Digital, short list
2020 Pixels Festival, short list



2023 Dreams and Emotions, science conference, Rome, Italy
2023 Translating Transition, Goethe-Zentrum, Yerevan, Armenia
2023 The seeing eye, the all-seeing, the unseeing, AZ Museum, Moscow
2023 SoMe Festival, experimental Video Festival, Bucharest
2023 CYBERFEST, Armenia
2023 About chimeras, hybrids, cyborgs and people. Guide to the inevitable future, Moscow (The works were removed from the exhibition on the second day of the exhibition due to being blacklisted by the Department of Culture)
2023 Programmable art, Krasnokholmskaya Gallery, Moscow
2022 Digital Resistance in the context of Internet Without Borders conference, France
2022 CYBERFEST, Armenia 
2022 It’s all on your mind, Flux laboratory, Geneva
2022 Twelve attributes of life, VDNH, Moscow
2022 Exhibition opening, Qontur, Moscow
2022 Recycle sound, Ground Solyanka, Moscow
2021 Art for the future, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow 
2021 Code of art, as part of Art for the Future, Ground Solyanka, Moscow
2021 Uncanny Dream, Ars Electronica Garden Moscow, Electromuseum, Moscow 
2021 10000 et 1 nuits, Flux gallery, Geneva
2021 Polymorphs, Ground Solyanka, Moscow 
2021 Wonderful world, Artservatory, Khabarovsk
2020 Digital Earth, Winzavod + Re:Store, Moscow
2020 New state of the living, Museum of “Sakhalin Island” book by A.P. Chekhov, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
2020 You are denied!, SA))gallery, Moscow
2020 Hidden in the woods, AIR, St. Petersburg
2020 Screening, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow
2020 That’s all what, Electromuseum, Moscow
2020 Datasets vs. Mindsets, as part of Ars Electronica 2020, Electromuseum, Moscow
2020 1х1 video-art exhibition, GROUND Khodynka, Moscow
2020 Participation Technologies, FEFU, Vladivostok
2020 Pixels Festival, International Festival of digital video art, Ekaterinburg
2020 Learning machines, Electromuseum, Moscow
2019 Open Museum, Electromuseum, Moscow



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