Gray Cake is Alexander Serechenko and Katya Pryanik.
Katya graduated from the Rodchenko Art School. She works with experimental manual photo printing, video, photo, installation. Sasha is a programmer with a MEPhI diploma, as well as a musician and artist specializing in interactive environments and generative practices. Both have a master's degree in digital art from the Far Eastern Federal University. Winners and laureates of Pixel Fest, Audi Born Digital, Re:store Digital Earth, EOFA International Residence. The works "Dreams of the machine" and "Backlash" are in the collection of the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow; work "Dreams of the machine" and "Ten thousand and one nights" - in the Flux Foundation, Geneva.

«Having united in one, we realized that the “old” mediums do not have artistic expressiveness, but have a powerful historical code that has already become part of the culture of perception, and the “new” ones, in turn, require a deep rethinking in order to become a modern tool and assistant in artistic work, and not just presenting oneself as pure technology.
We explore the paradigm of new media, combining traditional artistic techniques and new technologies. At the place of their intersection, new meanings are formed that cannot exist without this intersection. We call this phenomenon “cross-media” and use it in our work as the main approach. When working, we use the strategy of natural scientists, which often gives strange results and allows us to look at the object of study from an unexpected point of view.»